Jan 21, 2009

Didn't you know? Dissent is unpatriotic

Sssh. Be careful what you say. Be careful what you let slip out. It's in the national interest. And if you do bad mouth the government or the economy, it will become all your fault; at least according to Cowen. Our Dear Leader has sent some letters to opposition parties asking them not to be the chief meanies of meaner town.

The Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, has sent letters to the leaders of the opposition warning about the damage that could be caused by making rash comments on the banking crisis.

Listen lads, let's not make things worse by actually telling the truth or admitting what utter scum bags we are.

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny and Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore received the letters last night in advance of today's debate in the Dáil on the nationalisation of Anglo Irish Bank.

Seems that Cowen is pulling both the Dubya manoeuvre and the true spirit of communism, the "if you're not with us..." and "solidarity baby".

Mr Cowen is warning that anyone speaking about the banking situation should consider how their comments might impact on the national interest.

He is insisting that the measures taken by the Government are designed solely to boost confidence and stability in the banking system and suggestions of ulterior motives could trigger a further loss of confidence in banking institutions.

Don't you dare question anyone's motives? Fianna Fail [sic] is as pure as the driven snow. We work purely in the national interest. It is certainly not that we don't want journos or opposition parties nosing around our dirty laundry, oh no! It's all in the national interest. We swears it
master, on the precious.

Mr Gilmore, however, has insisted that the opposition is not undermining the national interest and the Taoiseach should pay more attention to the damage caused by his own Government's mishandling of the situation.

Yes to this.

Memo to Mr Gilmore and Mr Kenny - seize the day, cos your parties will never be in a better position to show their leadership potential. To be frank, if you can't rally public opinion now, you better resign because the people of Ireland need some competent politicians. Seriously.

The troika of Cowen, Lenihan and Coughlan are trying to rule through fear but embarrassingly enough, they fail and reveal their transparent motives. Information control through WWII-era propaganda?

You are responsible for this economic and social mess. You will clean it up or resign, Minister Cowen. Do the job that the Irish people re paying you to do.

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