Nov 18, 2009

Ryanair demonstrates lack of original thinking

From the Sindo

RYANAIR was accused last night of a "serious lack of imagination" after the airline insisted its 2010 cabin crew calendar was "art".

The new calendar, featuring two Irish employees, is more risque than previous editions.

Art? Seriously? The erotic can be art of course and art can be very sexual but that sexuality comes through agency not objectification.

The National Women's Council of Ireland (NWCI) said the no-frills carrier was "irredeemably old-fashioned" for using images of scantily clad women to raise funds for charity. But Ryanair accused the NWCI of not having "a clue how young women empower themselves".

Those humourless feminists are wreaking my right to see half naked women. Young women may empower themselves through naked photos but that does not mean that Ryanair's decision is not profoundly sexist. The managers at Ryanair (how many are women?) are using the bodies of their staff for promotion. It is one of the most cynical uses of power. They take advantage of societal sexism and their employees, rather despicable behaviour.

"What we have is one step up from last year which makes it a little bit sexier," spokesman Stephen McNamara said at the launch in London yesterday.

However, NWCI director Susan McKay said: "It shows a serious lack of imagination presenting women as sex objects."

And apparently sexy is always better, so when is their calendar of naked men coming out?

I agree with McKay, that Ryanair's decision shows a lack of original thinking. If your product requires a naked woman's objectified body to sell, then consider that your product is just a bit pathetic.


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