Oct 13, 2009

Greens don't care about life outside the capital

Gormless is a City Green and clearly has no interest in Ireland's biodiversity or the preservation of living off the land.

Gormley's spokesman said: "This research was on political attitudes in Dublin South East to assist the minister in policy formulation. This expenditure is permissible under the expenditure guidelines and fully receipted."

When forming his policy, Gormless asked his constituents. Apparently, the custodians of the land - the farmers - do not have anything to contribute, nor indeed anybody outside Dublin. Pretty much ensures skewed research that the taxpayer funds.

In the PFG, the Greens got to destroy an industry that employs people living in the country. Not a single Green went to a fur farm to see the conditions. Not a single Green talked to the farmers. No, they just assumed that they knew best and certainly better than some muck savage from outside Dublin.

There are no alternative livelihoods put in place or a plan to deal with the hundreds of thousands of mink currently on the farms. Is there any plan at all, for that matter. Do the Greens want to get rid of mink farms because mink are cute? Are they going to ban all animal farming next? Are cows too ugly to save? After all, leather comes from cows as well as delicious beef.

The Irish Green party is a city party after all. Wouldn't want country folk to start making a fuss. "Farmers don't vote green", is the justification for this attitude. But farmers are some of the greenest people in Ireland. I wouldn't support the greens if I was a farmer. They didn't fight for REPS - the single biggest contribution to biodiversity and care of land in Ireland and the "green" party shot it down. It's just as well that they claim to be an education party because green they ain't.

Amazing the changes of heart the Greens have had since going into coalition with Fianna Fáil! No more opposition to the motorway through Tara and no more support for Shell to Sea.

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