Nov 20, 2008

Boy attempts rape eight times and gets off easy cos he's got a good background

From the Beeb

Robert Thomson, who was 15 at the time of the attacks in Glasgow, previously admitted eight charges, including intent to rape and indecent assault.
Sentencing Thomson to four years in detention, Lord Turnbull said: "I take account of the fact that you have no history of offending behaviour and come from a good and supportive background.

"I also recognise the concerns which you have for your future.

"However, violent sexual attacks on women cannot be tolerated and when they occur must be punished appropriately.

"Were it not for your young age and good background I would have imposed a greater sentence."

Right, yeah, that makes total sense. A slap on the wrist fro breaking the law at least eight times. Dude, eight attacks! I don't think that Thomson's good background is effective in curbing his criminal impulses. I also do not believe that you give a shit about "violent sexual attacks on women" by being lenient with this boy.


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