Nov 28, 2008

Fluff in my navel

I don't want to be paranoid but as soon as I decide to go back home I get dengue fever and the airport in Bangkok gets invaded by people wanting democracy. Is the whole world conspiring to keep me in south east Asia? Is it my fate to sweat for the rest of time. Should I just grab an SUV and drive through Russia? Europe ain't so far and I've always wanted to drive across a continent.

I used to wonder about that before, when I thought I'd never get out of the humidity. What if there was a global crisis and our technology failed us? I'm in south east Asia and my family is in northern Europe. Would I try and build a boat? Drive across Russia towards Europe? Or dig in and hope that it all works out in the end? It's not a disaster fantasy as such but with global warming scaremongering and dystopian fiction and film popping up everywhere, it's worth taking the time to think about how much we depend on technology. Personally I love it. I love the gadgets and the ease and the convenience.

What if all one had were a bicycle and one's wits? How long would I last? How far would I go?

I assume that Thailand will get it together and I will be able to fly back home in a few weeks. It's a major international hub. Somchai Wongsawat will just have to resign. Sucks to be him.

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