Nov 18, 2008

Wearing trousers turns girls into slutty lesbians

Clerics in Malaysia have found a new cause of sluttishness in women - trousers. Apparently not only are women sluts because they wear trousers but they are lesbian sluts. Won't somebody please think of the men!

According to some, trousers many cause girls to become sexually active and turn them into tomboys. There is no recorded correlation between sexual activity and trousers, that I am aware of. From Reuters

Malaysia's police, who have recently cracked down on dissident bloggers and broken up anti-government demonstrations, say that protests over an edict against Muslim women wearing trousers are a security threat.

A security threat? How? In what possible scenario do women in trousers become a security threat?

Mainly Muslim Malaysia's National Fatwa Council recently issued a religious ruling that wearing trousers was un-Islamic.

It said that, by wearing trousers, young girls risked becoming "tomboys" who became sexually active.


"I'm warning them and will take stern action as it involves national security," Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan told reporters Thursday, according to the state-run Bernama news agency.

Malaysia frowns on oral and gay sex, describing them as against the order of nature. Under civil law, offenders -- male and female -- can be jailed for up to 20 years, caned or fined.

As well as women in trousers, the Fatwa Council is considering barring Muslims from practicing yoga.

Although it is not explicit in this article, here, it is explicit that tomboy means lesbian.

Last week the Fatwa Council decreed that tomboyish behaviour by girls, including wearing trousers, was immoral as it may lead to the practise of lesbian sex.

Gay sex is prohibited in this country of 27 million people where over half of the population is Muslim.

To drift slightly from the point... Is that a common interpretation? Tomboy for me means playing sports and wearing trousers. There is no sexual orientation implication inherent in the word. I was a proud tomboy as a kid.

Anyway back to the brain-shattering logic of wearing trousers makes one a tomboy and a slut. I've been in Malaysia and young people there dress conservatively compared to other countries in South East Asia. I find the article strange because Kuala Lumpur in a very cosmopolitan and diverse city.

Nevertheless, the tomboy as slut is classic woman-blaming and incitement to fear. The lesbian slut angle is interesting. While homophobia is great to manipulate fear, there is more "pity the boys" than "scary lesbians".

The interesting thing is that there is neither correlation or causation in this piece. It is barely journalism. Is this how a church thinks? I think I know the recipe...
  1. Take two unrelated facts
  2. Describe how they are destroying the purity of girls
  3. Add a dash of fear (racism and homophobia are best for this)
  4. Call Reuters

The article is full of double standards, heterosexist rhetoric, faulty logic and women bashing.

I think the obvious question here is whether trousers make boys slutty? Are trousers turning the boys into tomgirls? What about the boyz?


Anonymous said...

Clearly, there is only one true solution, with two parts.

1. Ban any type of clothing from being worn on the bottom half of the body.

2. Find this notorious Tom character, and interrogate him as to what his intentions are with this slut-shaping, and lesbian-pushing activity.

Mór Rígan said...

I think that you have hit the nail on the head Lola. The problem is obviously the clothes rather than the gender of the wearer. It's amazing the power of inanimate cloth.

As for Tom, well clearly questions must be asked, but will there be answers? Will the answers suit? Why does he want to slut shame? And more importantly, what will he do now that / when women refuse to be ashamed of their sexuality? Hell yeah!

hexy said...

Personally, I always found it much easier to have promiscuous lesbian sex in a skirt. *shrug*

Mór Rígan said...

I should certainly think so hexy.

I'm not sure that logic enters into the minds of religious leaders...