Jan 9, 2009

How not to run a country

Well congratulations to the unholy alliance of Fianna Fáil and the PDs, you have royally fucked up. Your unholy alliance may be no more but the damage will endure for years to come. What brain fart led you to believe that turning Ireland into a service economy was a good idea?

Believe it or not, production and manufacturing have their place in a developed country. It is very poor planning to rely on service jobs because the thing about multinational corporations is that they do not stick around. They hang around while the tax rate is good and then fuck off somewhere else because they are offered a better deal.

1900 people in Limerick will lose their jobs because you were too short sighted.

Management at the computer firm also say some 1,500 jobs in firms which directly supply the plant are at risk, while local business leaders say the knock-on effects could claim anything up to 7,000 jobs in other industries.

When Dell ceases manufacturing in Limerick it will continue to employ 1,000 staff in the city in logistics and product development, and 1,300 at a sales and support operation in Cherrywood, Co Dublin.

Not content with this singular triumph, government ministers fly, at tax payers expense, to beg for jobs. Bit late for that lads.

Will we ever have a government that plans for the future? Where are the leaders of Labour and Fine Gael? This is the moment. The FF government has bankrupt the country because not a single member saw the adding error in the budget. Jobs are being lost. The economy is down the tubes? Opposition parties, what more do you need, seriously?

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