Feb 6, 2009

I wrote to the Minister for Justice

Today is International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation. Let's celebrate this day by writing to Irish Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern and requesting that he not deport Naomi and Jemima. Give them asylum and let them stay.

Dermot Ahern TD
Dáil Éireann
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2


Minister's Office and Secretary General's Office
94 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2




+353 1 618 3000
+353 42 9329023

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I know about some white feminists spewing their mouths off who have no idea of the issues and end up being neocolonist and I hate that shit. African women do not need the white feminists swooping in to the rescue. There are a ton of women's organisations and feminists in Africa.

I support the "day" itself because it was initiated by UNICEF and UNFPA and that implies a consultation process. I actually just found out that it is today when I was researching my post for today.

As an Irish woman, I'm appalled by the questions being asked about her motives and people wondering whether it's a scam. Ireland has become really racist over the past 10 years but when the government cannot do the moral and decent thing to protect two young girls from genital cutting, we must speak out.

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