Mar 27, 2009

John Waters misses the point - again

In the Irish Times, John Waters pontificates on the recent #picturegate scandal and misses the point with molelike precision.

...infantile obsession with toilet humour... deep animus towards politicians"... The only amusing thing here is Casby’s deluded belief that he has something to say. His response is typical of a public discourse almost fatally degraded by internet auto-eroticism and an obsession with what is called “comedy”. His works are crude, unfunny, vindictive, without intrinsic content and wholly lacking in artistic merit.

They would never have been heard of had the national broadcaster not misplaced its editorial instincts and, faced with an alternative between soberly reporting a minor crime and engaging in a snide attack on the Taoiseach, chose the latter.

etc etc ranting on artistic merit and violations of national security.

The actual point is government interference in public broadcasting, censorship, freedom of the press and freedom of expression.

Waters may not like Conor Casby's pictures but Casby has the right to caricature public figures.

Just as the Irish Times does each day.

RTE's craven apologies stink of government interference. They are not even willing to stand by their own reports.

Gardaí raided a radio station.

Gardaí said the orders came from the powers that be.

Gardaí confiscated privately owned material.

That's the point and Waters missed it by a mile. Moron.


Nano Manannan said...

that twat really grinds my gears!

join us small gods

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Mór Rígan said...

yeah total wanker doesn't quite cover it