Mar 1, 2009

The rebellion continues

This is the story of the great Cork hurling team and their fight against the county board and associated persons.

The rebel alliance continues with the footballers threatening to join forces with the hurlers. Here the Cork team are in happier times after winning the all Ireland.

Warning: vid contains scenes from Der Untergang.

It's time for the county board to listen to the people. And the people agree - fire the manager!

From a PROC interview with Seán Óg Ó hAilpín

12 days ago, you and your fellow players made an appeal to the Cork public for support. Do you feel the players call for support has been answered today?

"You know what? We more than got it today. It was very humbling. It wasn’t easy at the time asking for it, because it’s hard to quantify a figure for how many would turn out, but this superseded our expectations.

There was a tear nearly came out of my eye, because it’s a Saturday in February, people have other things to be doing and other worries with the economy, sport and hurling won’t be on top of the agenda.

These people, all these men, women and children came out today to show their support and voice their frustration. We share their frustration.

These people want to see the Cork team back, and want to see the best Cork team possible that will bring pride and honour to the jersey. If the support today is anything to go by, then it’s very encouraging."


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