Jun 16, 2009

Dear Leader

Please explain the astronomical petrol prices. When oil was $140 a barrel, the price at the pump was around €1.35. Now oil prices have dropped to around $70 a barrel but now the average price of petrol per litre is €1.16.

Now I know there are various costs but seriously?

The people at Pumps.ie break that price down

Current average petrol price: 116.9
Current Vat: 20.69c/litre
Fixed Duty: 50.79c/litre
Government take: 71.48c/litre
Cost before tax & duty: 45.42c/litre
Retailer & distributor margin (est): 11c/litre
Base petrol price (est): 34.42

Seriously? €0.45 tax on each and every litre going into the government coffers and Lenihan still can't balance the budget?

We're doomed.

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