Jul 11, 2009

Death throes of our Gov

I do not understand what the government is up to. Are they flinging mud on the wall and hoping some of it sticks or are they floundering around like wounded porpoises?

The government is reducing the penalties for selling cigarettes to kids. I think most would agree that it's better that kids don't smoke and that those who sell them cigarettes should be penalised. From the IT:

OPPOSITION TDs have expressed grave concern that the Government is being “hoodwinked’ by the tobacco industry as legislation was passed in the Dáil yesterday, reducing the penalties for shopkeepers who sell cigarettes to children.

Yeah that makes sense.

The ridiculous blasphemy bill is another death throe of this government. Enshrining blasphemy in law, with a fine of €25 000, is the antithesis of a modern secular government. By protecting the ill defined religious blasphemy is state is aligning itself with religious groups rather than delicately tiptoeing away from those who ruled with an iron fist. Besides, hate speech is already prohibited so the blasphemy bill is doubly ridiculous.

Up next is the Arts Council, taking a leaf out of American society and "protecting" children by wrapping them up in cotton wool. Yesterday children were "protected" from art because it contained the word "rape".

A spokesman for the Arts Council said: “The Arts Council absolutely stands by artists’ right to freedom of expression. In this case, our Child Protection and Welfare guidelines would suggest the proposals from Dunamaise Arts Centre represent simply responsible venue management.”

But Mr Flynn said: “Child protection is about protecting children from harm not from truth.”

Apart from the truth in Flynn's statement, perhaps the Arts Council might consider that one in four children will experience sexual abuse and/or rape before they are 18. If they have a name and an explanation of rape, it might be possible for some of them to seek help earlier. Having the right word is powerful.

And finally, the gov decide that three months of holidays is appropriate. Sweary Mary defends.

TÁNAISTE MARY Coughlan has staunchly defended the Government and the nine weeks’ Dáil summer recess in the face of repeated Opposition criticism, describing the Cabinet as “lean, mean” and “very fit for purpose”.

To cheers and heckles, Ms Coughlan also suggested to Labour leader Eamon Gilmore that “you could always be enticed outside to prove it, but I don’t think we’ll do that”.

Seriously Coughlan, what age are you? I thought challenging people to fisticuffs around the back of the school, ended in primary school. Am I reading this right? Couglan offered Gilmore to have a fight outside.

As for the gov being “lean, mean and very fit for purpose”, all I can say is that I do not think those words mean what you think they mean.

I can haz new gov now plz?

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