Jul 15, 2009

We're not going to be treated like factory workers

Fianna Fáil disdains workers. Fianna Fáil thinks they are too good for accountability, unlike the people who pay their salaries.

The TDs also resented the idea of a swipe card that would keep track of their comings and goings at Leinster House and prevent claims for expenses from absent members.

One TD told party chairman Mr Lenihan: "We're not going to be treated like factory workers clocking in and clocking out."

It's not a surprising opinion but to admit it outside the silver circle is unusual. As, I've said before, taking attendance might be just the ticket to get the TDs to participate in government. A swipe card system is as good as any.

Pity the poor FFers. After all, they only have three months summer holidays. To suggest that they might be accountable to their constituents in a concrete manner is beyond the pale.

Pity the FFers for their outrageous expenses.

Pity the FFers for bailing out the developers.

Pity the FFers for disregarding planning law innumerable times during the boom.

Pity the FFers, that the people demand accountability.

Pity the FFers, who refuse to govern and hand responsibility over to IBEC and the unions and ignore those industries without representation.

Pity the FFers, who give away our natural resources.

Pity the FFers, who do not take the necessary decisions to get our country back.

Pity the FFers who might be "treated like factory workers". It's ok for you and me but not for an FFer.

h/t Irish Election

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