Oct 11, 2009

Greens are not green

The Green parliamentary party don't care about the environment. They are a bunch of middle-class Dubs who have never let their designer loofers come in contact with an actual farm.

Trevor Sargent resigned on a point of principle and I respect him for that. Ryan's gone over to the part side. Gormley is a lapdog with no political sense

They are in a government that abolished the Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS) without protest. Abolishing hunting is counter-productive to the environment becuae hunters maintain the hedgerows and animal life but the Greens are as sophisticated about cute animals as children. What about protecting the rats? Or the mosquitoes? Or the thousands of dogs are put down every year.

They claim credit for reversing the cuts in education but they were in the government that implemented those cuts. How can they take credit for that? Oh yeah I forgot, they don't care about the country. They are a load of power-hungry assholes.

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