Oct 6, 2009

School can't afford toilet paper

It's not just that the bubble has burst, or that many people are two paychecks from homelessness, but it's also that we do not have enough money to provide toilet paper for our schools. From the Irish Times:

It is a cost-cutting measure that could have come from the era of Frank McCourt's misery memoir of poverty and deprivation, Angela's Ashes. As the Irish government tries to plug the black hole in the country's public's finances, a school in Cork, which declares itself strapped for cash, has asked its pupils to bring in their own lavatory paper.
Parents with children at St John's Girls' national school, in Carrigaline, County Cork, received the request last week.

The school's principal, Catherine O'Neill, wrote: "Dear parent, from time to time we will request your daughter to bring in a toilet roll to her class teacher. These rolls will be specifically for your daughter's class and will be dispensed by the class teacher. We would also request that your daughter has tissues in her sack at all times."

But JOD gets to fly first class, go to racemeetings and fly from Dublin to Kerry. Rody Molloy gets his pension topped up, a free car and a million euro bonus. A little perspective please, government.

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