Nov 25, 2009

The bitter fallout of France vs. Ireland

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Ireland’s final hopes to participate in the 2010 FIFA World Cup were dashed when Thierry Henry scored a goal in extra time. It is widely acknowledged that the Irish team played well and perhaps deserved to go to the World Cup, but the referee called the goal for the French side. This has proved to be incredibly controversial, because Henry’s hand touched the ball just before his goal. Henry admitted as much after the match.

Damien Duff wept in the changing rooms while the Irish people wept in houses and bars across the land. Interviews were conducted on radio and television with every pundit and family member the media could lay their hands on. The country rang with the sound of outraged voices about robbery, rematch and revenge. Many Irish people have taken the handball as a personal slight and for the first time, some Irish people are sympathising with the British over their exit from the 1986 FIFA World Cup because of Maradona’s Hand of God.


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