Nov 4, 2009

Jack O Connor hurts Pat Kenny's feefees

Kenny apologises for use of C word. But not the bad C word, not crap you know, the one worst than flip.

The SIPTU chief was speaking on the show calling for "a reasonable level of tax on second or multiple homes or trophy houses."

Pat Kenny asked him: "What's a trophy house, by the way?"

O'Connor quickly replied: "A house like yours, probably, I'd say, Pat."

Laughter rippled through the studio audience and Kenny immediately shot back : "Well, I built my house in 1988. I don't want this kind of crap coming at me!"


Boo hoo did the nasty O Connor hurt your delicate fee fees Pat? You are a special little snowflake.

Why not bathe in your obscene salary paid by the people of Ireland? Is €950 976 not enough for you? Then fuck off and let someone new take your place.


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Mór Rígan said...

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