Dec 17, 2009

Listowel is a horrible place for women to live

A horrible story where a community sided with the rapist rather than the survivor. Anyone want to reiterate claims that we live in an equal society or that we don't have a rape culture?

Before sentencing dozens of people queued inside the courthouse to shake hands and sympathise with Foley.

He had been found guilty two weeks ago of sexually assaulting a woman who was discovered by a Garda patrol in a semi-conscious state and naked from the waist down alongside a skip in a car park early on June 15th, 2008.

Speaking today Fr Sheehy said he was one of the men who shook Foley’s hand because he wanted to “support him and let him know he was not alone”.

While placing the survivor in a vulnerable position and siding with a rapist. Anyway since when are priests arbitrators of morality. Not anymore. Not since they were involved in the rape of children and cover up of crimes.

He said: “My Christian responsibility was to this person that I knew and to the person who is the object of, what I call, this extremely harsh sentence.”

No five years is not an extremely harsh sentence for rape. Life in prison might approach a "harsh" sentence.

Yesterday the judge criticised the character statement made by Fr Sheehy. The priest had said Foley was always “respectful of women”, but Foley’s actions “gave the lie” to Fr Sheehy’s statement, the judge said.

How would a priest, a man, know how Foley treats women? How would he know any better than the women who endured contact with him.

Listowel is clearly not a place for women to live. I would like to write more at leisure but disgust is making my stomach turn.


Anonymous said...

Might I ask, whre are you from?
Can you say without doubt that Listowel is no place women to live?
That is ridiculous until you yourself have tried living here. I have lived in listowel for most of my life and never before has anyone of such high a reputation come anywhere near the claims that have been stated about him.
I would like to see your proof of anything that has transpired between "rapist" and "victim", then I will accept your "version of events" that resulted in that man being tarnished for life.

Mór Rígan said...

I live not hundreds of miles from Listowel. And your use of quotation marks around victim and rapist shows who your colours.

Yeah it's clear that your sympathy is with the rapist who was proved guilty in a court of law. Were you one of the 50 people that make Listowel a bad place for a woman to live.

Fuck you very much.