Jan 9, 2010

In other countries, officials resign when they fuck up

From the Irish Times

Interior Minister Robert Kalinak told reporters he had accepted the resignation of the head of the border and foreigners' police, Tibor Mako, whose department was in charge of the operation.

"What happened at Poprad airport was a stupid human error," Mr Kalinak said. "It is a clear an individual error, not a system failure. Disciplinary proceedings against the policeman responsible are under way."

Is the government taking note?


The Gombeen Man said...

Hi Mor.

Maybe the electorate should take note too?

When our public representatives here do wrong, they can even get increased majorities come election time. Lowry being an example.


Mór Rígan said...

Yeah GM, it's depressing. I do think that the gov will be trounced if there was an election now. But the longer they stay in office, the more the electorate forget.

Be nice if our TDs were actually lawmakers instead of public patrons.