Feb 4, 2010

Blood sports *yawn*

From the Irish Times

Outside the venue, a small group of about 25 protesters from various animal rights groups held posters and banners deploring the event. The Irish Council Against Blood Sports issued a statement saying they found it “incredible that in this, the year 2010, in a so-called civilised country, such a barbaric activity, having its origins in the Roman amphitheatres, still prevails”.

I'm so bored with the anti blood sports protests. They are fundamentally flawed and run by people who differentiate between those worth saving and those not, based on their "cuteness".

Hares and stags are to be protected for they are innocent at heart and full of nobility. But the humble rat? Where is protection for such a large supplier of meat for human consumption? The cockroach is another being that is reviled by those who love the fluffy bunnies and not entitled to protection based on its appearance.

Campaigning for animals based on the emotions they inspire is unequal and discriminatory. It should be an all or nothing approach.

Also nature is cruel.

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