Feb 24, 2010

The Sargent Affair

Trevor Sargent resigned over unlawfully contacting the gardaí about a constituent's case. Good. It's right that he resigned - he did wrong. It was corrupt.

He resigned immediately without trying to spread blame or lessen his action. As he did, I remembered a time when I felt respect for the Green party. Of course it was only a memory. Before the U turns on the M3, the Corrib pipeline and REPS. Before the managing of the vote on NAMA and the Programme for Government. Before the Greens demonstrated that it cares for urban voters only. Before the utter ignorance of the light blub saga and putting developed world environmentalism over developing people's lives and the right of women to live in a world free of rape.

Now that memory is gone too. I'm still contemptuous of the Green contribution to Irish politics. I thought Sargent wasn't so bad given that he would not lead the party in a coalition with Fianna Fáil. At least he did not try to insult the people by hanging on by his fingernails. Compare his actions to John O Donoghue or Willie O Dea - The former vindictive and bitter, the latter victimisating his own actions. Contemptible.

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