Apr 20, 2010

It is time. GENERAL ELECTION time

h/t Gombeen Nation

April 24th 12 Noon events are now organised for Dublin (Merrion Sq), Cork (Patrick's St), Galway (Eyre Sq), Limerick (Bedford Row), Tralee (The Square), Athlone (St. Peter's Sq) & Waterford (The People's Park or John Roberts' Sq).

Pass it on. Don't brush this one off. Remember Fianna Fáil have brass necks. They are unshameable. A quick non-apology and back to business as usual. How many of them have committed firing offenses?

  • Batt O'Keeffe called the Magdalen slave "employees"
  • Brian Lenihan for getting the budget wrong and not reading the necessary documents; for nationalising Anglo Irish Bank to bail out FF grassroots members
  • John O'Donaghue for his expenses
  • Willie O Dea for lying under oath
  • Mary O' Rourke for racism
  • Mary Coughlan for the FÁS and Rody Molloy debacle
  • Michael Woods for negotiating immunity for child rapists and torturers who were in the church
  • Mary Harney for the health system
  • Bertie Ahern for, amongst other things, the gas and oil deal with Shell
  • Brian Cowen for continuing lack of leadership and allowing corrupt public servants to resign instead of firing them
  • Dermot Ahern for amendments to the criminal justice law and the blasphemy law
Get up, get out and show you want a change


RamblingMan said...

great video - pity there wasn't one ethnic minority person in it

Mór Rígan said...

Yeah I know but I'm not surprised unfortunately.