Apr 16, 2010

What will it take?

Seriously? What kind of government have we? How after listening to this how can a Taoiseach continue to screw over Irish citizens

and then go on as if nothing had happened. We know that the bishops covered up child rape but we still go to their masses. We know that the survivors of the industrial schools need justice and we do nothing. I am disgusted at our Taoiseach, and our government. Economic traitors they certainly are but they betray the citizens of Ireland. Every survivor of child rape, abuse, violence, terror and slavery is an Irish citizen. And our government betrays them through false promises; indemnifying the viciousness of the religious; and not expelling the representatives of the organisation that injured Irish citizens.

Michael O Brien and other survivors walked out of a meeting with the Taoiseach yesterday and said

Mr Michael O'Brien, a former Fianna Fail mayor of Clonmel, also pledged to go on hunger strike outside Government Buildings in three weeks time after he had undergone a scheduled medical operation. Angrily accusing Mr Cowen of "not doing his job" of properly compensating survivors, Mr O'Brien, claimed that for the past year the Taoiseach "has been leading us the garden path."

Describing the cash offer of €110m as "a joke," Mr OBrien, 77, said that not one extra penny had been paid by the religious orders, because "he (Mr Cowen) is not doing his job."

Mr O'Brien said that all he wanted was for the Taoiseach to look after former residents of institutions for once and for all. "I want nothing for myself," he added. "I will not beg for myself but I will beg for the like of them.

and from BreakingNews

Michael O'Brien from Clonmel said the offer from the Church totalled €384m- but that included the original €128m from the indemnity deal.

Mr O'Brien stated that he will go on hunger strike next week.

He told reporters he has no faith in the Taoiseach any longer:

“That man at the present moment doesn’t care; there’s not a bit of compassion in that man.

“What’s going to happen with me is this: I have to go for an operation next week and as soon as I recuperate from that I’ll be going on hunger strike and the devil himself won’t take me off it until this is sorted out. 

And Cowen is still the Taoiseach of this country?

Even if the DPP won't prosecute, the government could seize the assets of the religious orders and expel them from the country. But they don't. In the twelve years or so of Fianna Fáil, almost all government functions have been outsourced to quangos, so ministers evade responsibility. It is disgusting and treacherous. The buck has to stop somewhere.

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