May 17, 2010

Academic freedom is not limited when discussion about oral sex is not on the menu

Been reading the documents on #fruitbatgate and my conclusions are that that Evans is a spoiled little boy who believes his academic freedom is limited because he can't talk about oral sex with his colleagues.

In addition to his cries of limiting academic research, he finds the time to complain about the sensitivity of his colleagues who do not like to talk about oral sex with an annoying colleague in the morning.

makes the valid point that harassment procedures are there for a reason. People rarely start them without cause.

It's great that UCC has finally started doing something about harassment. When I was there, I could name four full professors who regularly harassed undergrads. No one complained because dislodging a tenured professor in a "he said/she said" debate seemed impossible at the tender age of 19 especially since oversight on exam papers was virtually absent.