May 29, 2010

It's time to worry

Eircom has been a disaster since Mammy O Rourke privatised it. It's been laden with debt and the services are expensive, unreliable and do not reach all areas of the country. To make matters worse, the company has crumbled before IRMA at the first hurdle in violation of a ruling of the ECJ and will hand over IP addresses to an interest group.

Eircom is spying for IRMA. The offline equivalent might be the NRA reporting car speeding to the Gardaí for penalty points except in this scenario the NRA have a faulty speed camera and have lost the instruction manual which was written in Japanese to begin with. For one thing, someone downloading a piece of music from [sic] The Pirate Bay may be totally legal. Many groups publish online music for free and torrent software is great because if the connection is dropped the download can resume from that point rather than having to begin all over again. That holds true for all file types.

IP addresses are not the same as physical addresses as anyone with an internet dongle can testify. I can connect and the IP address may be one in Cork or Dublin or Limerick. It seems like techno fail to me.

Anyway what's worrying me today is this from the Irish Times

Mr Magee (56) left Eircom in February after 15 years with the company. As acting chief executive of the company last year, he set the wheels in motion for a major restructuring of Eircom’s cost base and helped to scuttle Australian financier Rob Topfer’s attempt to capture the business

The HSE is a "Frankenstein['s monster] stalking our land" and now Eircom's acting chief executive is going to take over from Brendan Drumm. Anyone else felt a cold shiver at hearing that news?


click here said...

Eircom's pandering to IRMA (in the absence of any actual laws) is nothing compared to the abysmal wastefulness of Eircom's management.

An illustrative example (just one of many): design guy is hired on contract to provide services that in-house staff are more than capable of doing and, when he arrives, needs to be trained by same staff as he lacks the skills in the relevant software. You can imagine the 1000s Eircom forked over to him.

They haemorrage money like it's going out of fashion.

Mór Rígan said...

True. What pisses me off royally is that all Eircom's competitors have to wait until Eircom does the business before offering an alternative.

Imagine a HSE with Eircom's management style!