May 9, 2010

More arrogance and assumptions from the RCC

Oh my my, the Catholic Church is willing to discuss patronage of schools. How magnanimous of them! From the Irish Times

THE CATHOLIC Church is willing to be an enthusiastic and constructive partner in the debate about future educational provision, Cardinal Seán Brady said yesterday.

The church, he said, was not interested in retaining schools simply for the sake of having them.

“The belief that the Catholic Church wants to manage as many schools as it can, irrespective of parental demands, is unfounded.”

This is coming from a man who covered up rape, child abuse and protected the rapist. Why is anyone listening to him still? Why is he still in head of the Catholic Church in Ireland? It shows the true arrogance of an organisation that still thinks of itself as valid.

The organisation covered up the truth, protected rapists, enslaved women and girls, starved and beat children, and raped with impunity. When their conduct was discovered they covered everything up, demonised survivors, indemnified themselves from prosecution, protected the guilty and transferred their fixed assets into untouchable accounts. While not every member of the organisation was involved, just as not every soldier in Abu Graib tortured prisoners, the organisation is rotten. The organisation is structured in a way to encourage criminality. I have written on this before. It is NOT just a few bad apples.

This organisation which controls 91% of primary schools, and which 61% of Irish people want out of the schools is willing to discuss the issue. The arrogance and assumptions of the RCC know no bounds.

And our poor pathetic government does nothing as usual, except for our Catholic fundamentalist Minister for Justice who passes a blasphemy law.

Our zombie "leadership" seem to lurch from crisis to crisis either without understanding or pandering to their Catholic fundie constituents who seem incapable of separating the message from the messenger.

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