Aug 13, 2010

Why are we paying for private sector investment?

There is an astonishing story in today's IT. The public is being charged for investment in two private sector energy companies and two ESB plants in Offaly.

the Commission for Energy Regulation intends adding an extra €157 million to the Republic’s electricity bills from October...

The charge is being imposed to pay for Government policy. The cash will be used to pay for market supports for peat-fired power plants, renewable energy and two private sector players, Tynagh Energy and Aughinish Alumina, which provide power to the national network under public service deals agreed in 2005...

Peat will get the largest slice of cake, with three plants, the ESB-owned Lough Ree and West Offaly and Bord na Móna-owned Edenderry, sharing €78 million...

Wind farms will get €43 million, while Tynagh and Aughinish will share €14 million. The balance, over €20 million, will go to administration and other costs.

This seems really dodgy.

1. Why are we paying to invest in the private sector? Do I misunderstand the term "private sector"?

2. Are the two plants in Offaly just pork barrel projects for a sinking Taoiseach?

3. Why are we investing in peat, a non renewable resource?

4. Why is the public being levied to fund a semi state that announced profits of €580 million in 2009?

5. If the government is so concerned about energy in Ireland then why is the state gifting our gas to Shell and buying back at premium prices? The deal was negotiated by Ray Burke, jailed for corruption, and Bertie Ahern, state thief.

6. What about nuclear power?

I can barely afford to pay my electricity as it is. What the hell is wrong with the government?


RamblingMan said...

great post mór ...

to answer your question "what is wrong with the government?"

we are. end of story. we let them away with it. time after time. there is a major disconnect in the irish psyche between the way we see the government and the way we see ourselves - one doesnt seem to exist to serve the other.

Mór Rígan said...

Thanks RamblingMan and I agree with the government we put in place. But the scum that occupy the position at the moment do not even seem capable of rational self-interest, which at least most FFers can manage. It's a long way from enlightened self-interest but shooting oneself in the foot is not a great survival strategy, historically