Nov 13, 2011

How much money did the Irish Government pay to the 7 wonders project?

I just read this piece New 7 Wonders of Nature Controversy by Red Hunt. He describes in detail, the licensing fees that governments have been required to pay to remain in the competition.

The Maldives

  • $350,000 for a platinum level sponsorship licensing fee,
  • two $210,000 requests for gold level licensing fees,
  • a $1million license fee to put the New 7 Wonders of Nature logo on planes,
  • a $1million license fee for their national telecom operator to participate for allowing phone voting and,
  • a request for a ‘World Tour’ stop in the Maldives for the New 7 Wonders delegates to party and enjoy the country at a cost of $500,000.


Indonesia’s Komodo Island entry created controversy when they revealed that New Open World Corporation was demanding $10million in licensing fees, plus $47million to host a World Tour finale for the competition. Apparently the $944,000 they budgeted to promoting and marketing their efforts in the competition wasn’t enough. Tourism officials in Indonesia had never signed any agreement that hinted at such additional, exorbitant costs. When they tried to contact New Open World Corporation by mail, everything bounced back as undeliverable. The disagreements continued for months and Indonesiawithdrew Komodo Island National Park from the competition in mid-August. However, faced with such pressure the New Open World Corporation backed down and Komodo remains as a finalist.


I wonder what licencing fees Ireland was required to pay. Anyone got more info on this?

I'm not one to begrudge spending on tourism projects but if Ireland did pay exorbitant fees, it was a poor investment. Project spending should be targetted not thrown at some private corporation with its own motivation. The lack of contact information on the 7wonders website certainly creeps me out.

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