Nov 12, 2008

First post (well not technically)

I started this blog because my old one used my real name. Since my name is quite rare, I thought discretion would be the better part of valour especially after a well known radical feminist blogger accused me of committing horrible crimes with no proof. That really upset me, which was surprising because I'm not a delicate, special snowflake with sensitivity issues. I'm a fat feminist with plenty of snark and I try not to play in the oppression olympics.

I chose the Morrígan for a number of reasons. She is an Irish deity and I'm Irish (a real one not a plastic paddy). I am very interested in folklore and history. I love the duality of the Morrígan. She is associated with fertility and war, essentially life and death. She is written as terror and greatness. She represents women, a monstrous view of women.

As for me, I'm an overeducated, opinionated, depressed, insomniac development worker. I'm quitting the development biz for a while because of PTSD. I dream of gardening and writing back in Ireland.

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