Dec 21, 2008


Rule of law is vital to the establishment and continuance of any democracy. In developing world nations the rule of law is severely undermined by corruption and bribes on the side. I support rule of law passionately. It's a damn sight more stable that the rule of the gun or the law of the dollar. Therefore, dear readers, I must confess, my name is Mór and I bribed a customs official in a developing country.

I think exporting goods is a test of patience and of humanity: get forms stamped, go to this office, make declaration, go to that office and wait for another stamp. Each official is drunk on power and without the proper submission your goods will stay in the country until the sky falls.

After waiting three hours and two trips to the airport, I gave in. I bribed a customs official $10 to give me priority. And it worked. After waiting three hours and nothing happened, I paid $10 and within 20 minutes, my goods were on their way.

Since I'm severely jetlagged, this has been your random ramble for today!

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