Dec 12, 2008

We won

Unbelievably the huge event that I've been preparing for what seems like forever is over. My feet ache and I still can't sleep but it's done. I haven't read a RSS feed in about a week and haven't had a good night's sleep in six months. All I want to do now to get a beer IV, all the quiches I can eat, and endless cigarettes.

To vastly inflate my achievement, I draw comparisons between B5 and my situation. It's as if I had just defeated the Shadows and the Vorlons.

I fought an epic battle against the forces of ev0l - administrators, persnickity performance artists, misunderstandings, bureaucratic nightmares, developing world services.

On the side of the forces of good were myself, Misses B and A, and Messers H and N. We won but it was a tough battle. Imagine if B5 was run by Ivanova instead of Sheridan.

I am Ivanova in this scenario.

So the battle is won and my collapse is imminent. Just have to hold it together to send stuff home, pack, sell my belonging and get on the fucking plane.

Hell yeah!

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