Dec 24, 2008

Ranty Mór Rígan

I am sick of pandering to the male ego. I know that statement is utterly unfair but I have spent the last few days smoothing the bruised egos of those round me especially the menfolk. Sulks, sniping and shitty behaviour is Christmas time where I am. But never let a single word of critisim cross my lips for fear of emasculating the poor dears.

Must consider my words and talk softly cos otherwise I'm a big meanie. Seriously boys, what the fuck is all this bruised ego business when I express an opinion contrary to yours?

A friend who hasn't replied to my emails in three months sent me a message. I responded monosyllabicly because I'm not in the mood to pander to ego and am very busy catching up on my RSS feeds. Then in a fit of pique because I'm not gushing over him like he's the Holy Cock, he promptly ignores me for the rest of the evening. Yeah real fucking mature.

My father is acting like a petulant child, my mother like a martyr, and they are constantly sniping at each other. I really hate living at home. It's like I'm 14 again.

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