Jul 5, 2009

Negotiating with criminals

Where is the action on the Ryan Report? Where are the arrests? The Irish Times refers to a Labour bill.

The Bill would also put “beyond doubt any perception that those abused may be regarded as having criminal records”.

It would remove “the confidentiality obligation imposed on those who appeared before the Redress Board which effectively prohibits them from recounting the stories of their childhood”, and make provision “to ensure that the records of the Redress Board and the Ryan Commission are not destroyed and are safely preserved for future reference”, he said.

The Bill also contains a number of measures intended “to establish the full story” of how the 2002 indemnity deal between the State and 18 religious orders concerned was negotiated and to ensure that the mistakes of 2002 are not repeated in any new round of negotiations with the orders.

Negotiate? With the perpetrators (and those who protected and permitted them to continue the abuse) of crimes against humanity and crimes against children? That's disgusting.

All education and health institutes run by clergy should be taken from them and put into the hands of the state. They have no business there anyway. The 18 orders should be disbanded and all lands seized.

The dead should be named and their murders brought to justice. Where are the names of those buried in unmarked graves? Those who didn't survive?


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