Aug 25, 2009

Death and the media

Growing up in the Ireland of the 80s and 90s there were always funerals on the news. The troubles revealed a tendency in the Irish press to always go for the easy headline - the coffin. RTE seems to have a particular fetish for funerals but the Irish Times now follows suit. With JOD's scandalous expenses, NAMA, the recession and all the rest of the shit, why are the papers full of Seb Crane?

It is disgusting to wring every cent out of families grief. Why are the Irish press obsessed with coffin shots? Coverage of every aspect of this boy's death is not necessary and is no news. It's is terrible but it's not news. At least not enough for so many cover stories.

Young people are killed often, both by accident and with malice aforethought. Is his death and funeral being covered because he's a rich, upper middle class boy? Because Phil Coulter knew the family? Why is this boy's death being turned into an orgy of newspaper stories? Stabbing victims from working class families do not get the same treatment. Maybe it's time to admit that our society is deeply unequal. The press cares about the rich boys from good families. Everyone else can pass by the wayside or are accused in being partly responsible for their own murder.

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