Aug 26, 2009


A friend of mine is back from Iceland. He says that parents are not sending their children to school because they can't afford uniforms and books. People in Iceland are afraid of hunger during the winter.

That is a terrifying prospect. What would you do if you lost your job and there was no social welfare. I wonder how long any of us could survive on barter in an Icelandic winter.

Now I'm even more scared of the FFers being in power and having the potential to bankrupt the state. I have some veggies growing but I doubt it would feed the extended family for long. Think about it - supermarkets do not have huge stocks in store. Within a few days of not delivering, food would be scarce.

Now I know that supermarkets do not go broke just because the government does. But this time two years ago, Iceland was considered a stable haven for international investment. Now, the people are afraid of hunger and food shortages.

Which government would you trust to get us out of that mess, if Fianna Fáil gets us into it with NAMA.

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