Sep 25, 2009

Why did Coughlan negotiate under threat?

Coughlan gave in to Rody Molloy's demands under threat of litigation. His price was

Mr Molloy resigned from the state training agency last year after controversial travel expenses were revealed. Mr Molloy's departure package included an annual pension of €111,000; a tax-free retirement lump sum of over €333,000; an ex gratia severance payment of over €111,000 and an extra four and a half years of pension service.

What does Molloy know? The Minister certainly does not want an open court hearing so she paid him off. How else are we to interpret their actions?

Molloy squandered millions of euro of public money and he gets a payoff instead of a firing? Disappearing assets and misuse of public funds would seem to be an open and shut case. He must know where some of the bodies are buried.

As for Sweary Mary declaring last week that she would accept the resignation of the board, it shows that this government do not understand the people's anger. Why did she not fire the lot of them? That is an appropriate action. I say she is corrupt.

Hell does it take a revolution to get corrupt and inept politicians to resign?

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