Sep 26, 2009

Fianna Fáil and resignations

From the Irish Times
Mr Cowen yesterday deflected criticism of Ms Coughlan’s decision to approve a “golden handshake” for Mr Molloy last November, which enhanced the long-term value of his pension by an estimated €1 million.

Course he did. Holy Saint Dermot "Back to the good old days" Ahern defended Sweary Mary on Radio 1 this afternoon. Angling to be Tánaiste that one is.

Fianna Fáil have brass necks. They are unshameable. A quick non-apology and back to business as usual. How many of them have committed firing offenses?

  • Batt O'Keeffe for the Magdalanes as employees remark
  • Brian Lenihan for getting the budget wrong and not reading the necessary documents; for nationalising Anglo Irish Bank to bail out FF grassroots members
  • John O'Donaghue for his expenses
  • Martin Cullen for his expenses, e-voting, abuse of government jet
  • Mary O' Rourke for racism
  • Mary Coughlan for the FÁS and Rody Molly debacle
  • Michael Woods for negotiating immunity for child rapists and torturers who were in the church
  • Mary Harney for the health system
  • Bertie Ahern for, amongst other things, the gas and oil deal with Shell
  • Brian Cowen for continuing lack of leadership and allowing corrupt public servants to resign instead of firing them
  • Dermot Ahern for amendments to the criminal justice lawand the blasphemy law

Right, who have I forgotten?

It's not inspiring to think so many government ministers have said and done things that they should be fired for. Where is the political will, accountability and justice there? The government is supposed to serve the people.

There is a cancer in the body politic when we keep returning these corrupt fuckers. New people need to stand for election but the best and brightest are leaving Ireland because who wants to spend their life paying for these fools' mistakes and not a single person is fired or takes responsibility?

Does it take their blood flowing in the streets to get resignations? I abhor violence but I wonder whether anything short of that will get them out of government.

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