Oct 10, 2009

Dead politicians walking

This is the end, my only friend the end... The future of Ireland contains the debt of banks and it will be decades before the coffers will fill. NAMA is about to awaken - the wolf that will devour our money, healthcare and education systems, pensions and future.

And there was a chance to stop NAMA. Green party members were balloted. They could have voted it down - voted down legislation that Dr Joseph Stiglitz called criminal. But there was no enlightened self-interest at that vote. Instead Fianna Fáil lite voted to ensure that not a single Green will get elected in the next few decades.

Dead politicians walking. In exchange for conceding NAMA, the Greens got nothing but aspirational bullshit. Words like recommend, advise, consider, examine etc. are not hard commitments, they are wishy washy feelgood bullshit to make pretty with the Greens.

They have no idea how to play hardball. Ironically they are both naive and evil. Gormley looks perpetually bewildered. Ryan's gone over to the dark side. Are there any other Greens? Not so as you'd notice.

There is no money in the kitty and there's nothing in the PFG about protecting the vulnerable. The Greens have sold the country out in exchange for power.  It's a poor strategy - short term gain at the expense of the future. Political lilliputians.

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