Dec 3, 2009

I write letters

Dear Taoiseach,

That you are a coward and a liar does not surprise me. That you are unable to do what is necessary to fix the economy does not surprise me. That you were too drunk on your latest visit to China to attend two press conferences does not surprise me.

On the other hand, that you kowtow to pedophiles, rapists, criminal facilitators and accessories after the fact does surprise me. You say it is not a state issue. You are wrong. If you cannot conceive that the state is supposed to protect children from a rapacious and foul pedophiliac organisation, you are not fit to lead this country or a political party. That you do not immediately expel the papal nuncio is disgusting. That you have no respect for the citizens of your country is revolting. That you do less than the bare minimum is abhorrent.

I met you in the UN in September 2003. You were there with Bertie to give one of the worst speeches at the GA that year. Not for a second did I believe Bertie's greasy faux sincerity but you impressed me. You seemed sincere. How wrong was I.

You messed up the economy, stood by while the country drowned, appointed incompetent ministers and have generally been one of the worst leaders to date but this is the final death knell for any human kindness or respect you ever had. The Ryan report. The Murphy report. Just how many details of atrocities do you need to read before you act (assuming you have read the reports. I'm sure a civil servant condensed them for you)? How many children must die or suffer horrific sexual abuse before you take action?

Here are some actions to take just in case you do not know what to do:

- expel the Nuncio (yes you have that power and yes you should be using it)
- expel all religious orders named in the Ryan report (that you have not done this already is frankly baffling)
- have the DPP charge the bishops with being accessories after the fact, criminal negligence and co conspirators.
- If the Vatican is considered a state, insist that the ICJ investigates charges of crimes against humanity and crimes against children. If it is not considered a state then initiate criminal proceedings against it for criminal conspiracy and cover up
- apologise
- formally declare which members of the government are involved in secret societies. It is not credible that they are that incompetent. You might remind them of Matthew 25:40 "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."


Mór Rígan
Voter and citizen

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