Dec 3, 2009

Murphy report - the aftermath

Since I read the Murphy report, I've started posts and deleted them again. What is left to say except that we have vicious criminals in the church, kowtowing politicians and a stain on our society.

Priests raped and abused children with impunity for decades.
By covering it up, the bishops endorsed it
The bishops moved the criminal rapists from parish to parish
The vatican instructed the bishops not to inform the authorities.
The papal nuncio ignored requests for information

The Minister for Justice did nothing
The Minister for Education did nothing
The Taoiseach did nothing
The police did nothing

What sort of society would let this happen? What sort of leaders bow to pedophiles, rapists, criminal facilitators and accessories after the fact? What sort of people ask for resignations at this stage?

Where is the anger? Where are the mobs? Where are the burning cars? Where is the blood running in the streets?

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