Apr 2, 2010

"We lost the run of ourselves"

I propose a ban on any use of this phrase on public service broadcasts on radio and television. Speak for yourself. We did not lose the run of ourselves. You might have lost the run of yourself but do not tell the rest of the people in this country what they did or did not do.

There are plenty of people who did not benefit from the Celtic Tiger. The country may have been coining it in tax receipts but there were sick people on hospital trolleys for days. Consultants were making out like millionaires but told patients to go and look their newly diagnosed lifelong condition up on the internet. There were jobs to be sure, but after renting the box room in a three bed crappily-constructed house on the outskirts of Dublin and paying for petrol to go to work in an area not served by public transport, one was counting the pennies till the next payday.

We did not lose the run of ourselves. Speak for yourself.



The Gombeen Man said...

Hear hear.

That "we all lost the run of ourselves" is something that pisses me off too. And it seems to imply that our rulers are not really responsible for the whole mess.

Mór Rígan said...

Yeah exactly. Just case of passing the buck. I don't remember the Celtic tiger years as an orgy of cocaine and credit cards. I remember working very fucking hard and barely covering my bills

Ella said...

at last, normal people (yourself Mor and GM) thinking and experiencing the same as me.