Apr 1, 2010

Words matter

Language is important. The right word at the right time can have a profound impact. Last night, Brian Cowen said "I consider that to be beyond the Pale" in response to Eamon Gilmore's statement accusing him of economic treason. Leaving aside the accusation for a moment, I want to focus on the expression "beyond the Pale".

During the Middle Ages, the Pale was the area of Dublin and its surrounds in which life was safe, privileged, civilised and English. The rest of the Ireland of Ireland was dangerous, savage and full of barbarians. The Irish were the barbarians. For centuries the expression literally meant savage dangerous barbarians incapable of civilised discourse.

To use that expression is to accuse Gilmore of being a barbarian, an Irish barbarian, incapable of civilisation, and Cowen is using the words of the English conqueror, a "civilised" man full of contempt for the inferior Irishman.

Cowen is contemptible. He is head of a government that presided over the worst economic crash. Not even Dev's "economic war on Britain" or Charlie's island paradise can even compare to the recklessness and corruption of Brian Cowen. A profound lack of forecasting accompanied his budgets. Guaranteeing the banks in haste and nationalising Anglo leaves us to repent of failing to persuade people not to vote for the maFFia.

Because of this government, every Irish person owes 27 000 euro a year for the next 30 years. It's time to smash this government because quiet and civilised protest is not working.


The Gombeen Man said...

Yes, Mor. This joker using the tired old patriot card (after us being shafted by "our own" so comprehensively since the State's foundation) was laughable enough. He wouldn't "accuse a fellow Irishman of treason", would he not?
But to compound it by using the dreaded word "Pale" made it even funnier.

A career in stand-up awaits.

Mór Rígan said...

Let's hope he starts that career soon because he's less than funny in government.

This jingoism is bullshit. We are not USians who need to fly the flag off every house. Under the guise of patriotism, no less.