Sep 30, 2009

Another non-apology apology from the Irish Government

Batt O Keeffe has given a non apology apology in classic politician's doublespeak

In a letter to Dublin South TD Tom Kitt he expressed deep regret for “any offence caused by my use of the term ‘employees’ when referring to these women”. He added: “I fully acknowledge that the word ‘workers’ would have been more appropriate.”

As if it is not extremely offensive to refer to a group of women who were treated by slaves as employees. It is a gutless non-apology from a Minister who should resign immediately. However, I am sure that it will take a general election to remove his ass from the ministerial seat.

I am offended by his "apology" and by his use of "those women" to refer to the survivors of the Magdalene laundries. It is othering and when seen in context shows his contempt.

If Cowen had any ethics, he would fire this despicable Minister for Education.

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Batt O'Keeffe proves his cruelty


mtsteed said...

Thank you, Mór, for highlighting this. O'Keeffe's inept and hurtful words (which should rightfully have him sacked) only give me renewed anger and energy to continue the fight for justice for the thousands of women, like my mother, whose rights were so egregiously abused and denied. We will not let up the pressure and encourage every citizen worldwide to apply the same pressure and phone Mr. O'Keeffe's office (011-353-1-889-6400).

Mari Steed
Justice for Magdalenes

Mór Rígan said...

Well Mari, I believe that sweeping things under the carpet is counter-productive. It's time our government actually apologise properly and speak to the women and children that were used, abused and enslaved. Given that the opposition may be in power next, I lobby them also. Thanks for your comment.