Mar 30, 2010

Irish blog awards

I had a great time. The tea party at the g Hotel was fun, fun, fun. Mirrors on the ceiling and a bath that defied expectations. While I didn't paint my nails, I had a great time talking to many wonderful women out on the terrace, partaking the delightful giraffe wine. Didn't even want to really leave to go to the awards but good times there were there too. Though I mostly propped up the bar with a few others. My memories are fragmented but I don't think I met everyone I wanted to. Oh well there's always next year. I did meet some great people and had a number of involved discussions on wide ranging issues. In short, it one of the best nights I've had in quite some time!

Extra thanks to Damien Mulley and Sabrina Dent for organising a great night

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